Well, well, well, this self-isolation has been pretty challenging for actors and musicians, who normally provide live shows! Fortunately “The Show Must Go On” has been built right in to our DNA, so Twilight Radio has found a way to do it…sort of.

Strictly speaking our show will not be “live”, but you will be able to access our “recorded live” show through our Online Shows page on our website on May 13, 14 & 15. Please feel free to share the link with family and friends, but know that you will only be able to access the video on these 3 dates.

Needless to say the cast cannot all be together to create the show; so instead we will be bringing you different segments recorded at 3 different houses, all edited into one cohesive video.

David Botten, our man of many voices, will portray all of the parts in a charming Kurt Vonnegut Jr. story, bringing to life a tale called Who Am I This Time. Kathy McIntyre & Chris Jans will perform Murder Castle from Lights Out and a short and silly episode from The Bickersons, complete with all of the live sound-effects, you have come to expect. And no TRT show would be quite complete without those crazy vintage commercials and a little music, music, music! Who better, than our own Musical Director, Adam Kerby, to provide a little levity and musicality as The Lone Twilight Tone.

You will have an opportunity to make a donation in lieu of your ticket to paypal.me/TRTGABRIOLA or by sending an email transfer to: twilightradiotheatre@gmail.com

And even though you can’t be with us in person, YOU, as always, are the most important part of the show!

Stay happy and healthy and enjoy the show!

Our pal Ken dropped ’round one day while we were rehearsing for Arsenic & Old Lace (because that is what people did back in they day…they dropped ’round)

Pictureand what do you know…WE are the next segment of the podcast Straight Outta Gabriola.

Click here to have a listen.

Straight Outta Gabriola is the hottest new podcast series from this neck of the woods. Each episode Ken offers a little slice of life on a Gulf Island. Well, NO! Not just any Gulf Island. Ours. Gabriola! Ken is a wonderful guy who loves to laugh and chat and apparently also loves to run around the island recording all of Gabriola’s characters. Have a listen to his show. You’ll be charmed by island life and enamoured with one of Gabriola’s most loved characters: Ken, himself.


Thank you radio lovers for a swell Season 4!

Once again this season brought about all sort of things that were shiny and new! Our first show of Season 4 had us playing “The Monkey’s Paw” at yet another historic Lodge (or rather, Inn); this time on beautiful Quadra Island. The grand folks at the Heriot Bay Inn welcomed TRT, as well as a gaggle of friends and family, for our Halloween Show; and the whole lot of us were overwhelmed by their incredible hospitality. This Inn is just so well run! The food and the service are absolutely top notch. This lovely group of people manage to provide a world-class experience while maintaining a warm relaxed “islandy” feel. The kids at T.R.T. highly recommend visiting the much-loved  Heriot Bay Inn I

We always seem to get great gifts at Christmas and this year we were blessed to have our dear friend Jocelyn Hallett grace our stage to help us with “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Jocelyn is one of those gals who is simply a born performer. Whatever talent she chooses to pull out of her trick bag, whether it be acting or her incredible musicianship, she always brings her “A” game to the table. She was an incredible fit for TRT and we enjoyed one of the most fondly-remembered shows of our run thus far. She will definitely be back!


Twilight Radio Theatre really started to build momentum in our 4th Season. Our TRT Fan Club quadrupled in numbers, as theatre goers began to realize that this was not just a gag, but that they could win Seasons Passes to our show just like Ray and Lesley.

Our mugs started to fly off the shelves and as more and more people discovered the wonderful world of Old Time Radio Live On Stage our shows began to sell out in record time. In many cases we had to add a third show at the last minute. A nice problem to have!

As our Valentine’s Show approached we found ourselves searching farther afield for hysterical material and got it in our heads to steal- , ahem, write our own. We had become quite enamored with some of the character voices we had played throughout the years and thought “wouldn’t it be great fun to throw all of them into a scene together?”  “The Twilight Dating Game” was VERY silly and a great-big hit with our fans! I dare-say no-one will ever forget David whistling Dixie through his nose. I mean really…how can a gal resist a man with that kind of talent?

February also saw our return to beautiful Quadra Island and our now beloved Heriot Bay Inn. We didn’t dare to dream that our second stay could possibly out-do our first, but those Quadra folks really can work some magic! The Inn was jammed to the rafters with actors and musicians. We had a great show, made many new friends, ran in to old friends and made music together ‘til the wee small hours of the morning. The smiles we sported on our tired faces Sunday morning lasted at least a week. All hail The Heriot Bay Inn!

With Spring approaching and new life bursting forth everywhere we looked, we thought it fitting to grow the seeds that we had sowed back in December by having Jocelyn join us for the last show of Season 4. As you might have guessed Jocelyn made sure our blooms were showy and fragrant and was a big hit in “Arsenic and Old Lace”. We sold out 2 and a-half weeks in advance and again had to add a third show at the last minute.

Next year we will move straight to a three-show format and will absolutely invite Jocelyn to play with us when-ever we can.

And so closes another fun-filled season of Twilight Radio Theatre. THANK YOU to all of our enthusiastic fans for giving us such a glorious 4th season. YOU really are the most important party of the show!

As promised, Christmas will see the return of Tina Jones! Could you even imagine a better present?

Yup…“there’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true”; and tomorrow will be here before you know it! December 5th, 6th and 7th  at The Surf Lodge, the amazing Tina Jones will rejoin the cast of T.R.T. to reprise her role as Clarice…and Dolly For Sue and Mrs. Claus and Fireball AND  – you won’t believe it – the Abominable Snowman! Yep, she is one versatile gal that Tina Jones!

The cast of Twilight Radio is thrilled to have our multitalented pal back for the Christmas season to help us bring to you the made-for-old-time-radio adaptation of the TV classic: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. We will be hammering dolls teeth, licking icepicks, jing-ga-ling-galing-ing and singing our little hearts out to get you into the Holiday spirit. We hope to see you at the show!

Take a peek at “Upcoming Shows” for more info.

Happy Holidays!

Recently our local museum and arts council, here on Gabriola, teamed together to create a display that honours the artists of Gabriola. And by this I mean ALL artists…singers, dancers, actors, writers, painters, sculptors – you name it! Gabriola is not called The Isle of the Arts for nothin’! There is an incredible concentration of creative people on this little rock.

As you may have surmised, the cast of TRT are some pretty artsy folks. We are actors, we are musicians and we are visual artists as well. And so…David and I (Kathy) went down to the museum to see this new display installation that focused on all of the fantastic artists of Gabriola Island. Truth be told I wanted to see the picture of me with fruit on my head that I knew would be in the slide show. (But that is a whole other story.)

Well imagine our wonderment and surprise as we turned the first corner and found this:

Our old-time-radio theatre troupe being celebrated among all of Gabriola’s most accomplished actors! I started to blush and my falsetto took over. “Look, David! Look!” Oh my goodness…my delight was palpable. I suddenly felt quite shy and humble – two words seldom associated with yours truly, let me tell ya.

Wow! Thank you to our beloved community for this stunning esteem. We are so grateful to be supported and nourished by such a talented group of neighbours and friends!


We started the season cooking with gas, by transforming our dinner theatre show into a rrreally-big-shoo – fit for an honest-to-goodness theatre stage. The folks at Charlie White Theatre in Sidney gave us a warm welcome and with the help of our pal and stage manager, Mara Brenner, we had a delightful show in this very beautiful theatre.

And right on the heels of our big theatre debut, we teamed up with Crimson Coast Dance Society to throw a sensational 40’s themed dance hall party; the likes of which Nanaimo had never seen before.  Retro to Electro was six solid hours of high calibre entertainment. We had radio theatre, live music with Dinah D’s Contraband Swingclub, electro-swing with DJ Daniel Trump, dance and costume contests, an incredible MC/funny gal Kat Single-Dain and her multitude of characters, singing telegrams, candy cigar girls, vintage drinks and food, an EyevannaCandy Retro Peepshow, Too-Hot-To-Handle LED performances by Vesta Entertainment and…the piece de resistance…THE PHOTO BOOTH. Just look at this incredible Packard Darrin convertible! Our very own good-egg, David Botten, made that. Wonderful, isn’t it? And I really should say kudos to everyone who attended because they went all-out with the period clothing and hairstyles. Everybody looked simply hotsy-totsy.

Between Charlie White and Retro to Electro, TRT got quite a lot of media attention. Check out these great Spotlights on Go! Both North Island and South Vancouver Island.

In early October the cast of Twilight Radio Theatre was honoured to be asked to perform Charlotte Cameron’s new radio play October Ferries To Gabriola. The play debuted during a series of community events marking the 70th anniversary of novelist Malcolm Lowry’s visit to Gabriola; the trip that inspired his posthumous novel, October Ferry to Gabriola.

Santa had a special treat in store for Twilight Radio Theatre as 2016 came to a close. We were invited to perform several shows at the David Foster Theatre in the 5-star Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Even in our wildest imaginations we could not have dreamed of a more fitting setting for the cast to recreate the Golden Age of Radio.  Walking into the theatre was like walking back in time to an elegant supper club of yesteryear. Everything about this experience was over-the-top; the theatre, the staff, the food, the audience…all possessed a certain class and style that conveyed the special allure of times gone by.

As we said goodbye to 2016 and hello to the New Year we also had to wave farewell to one of our beloved cast members; Tina Jones. That gal is destined for big things, I tell ya! Join us in wishing her well in everything she sets her considerable talents to and be sure to look out for her new album coming next fall. We can’t wait!

And so…as the world welcomed in the New Year, TRT prepared to welcome a new cast member.  As folks made their New Year’s resolutions Twilight Radio drew up a shopping list of talents. You see…Tina has so many in her kit bag that it seemed impossible to find anyone who could fill those shoes. We thank our lucky stars that we live on the Isle of the Arts. For those of you who are not familiar with Gabriola Island, it is home to a plethora of musicians, artists, actors, dancers, writers….you name it! Gabriola’s got talent! And so we found a man who, although he can never ever replace our Tina, brings with him such an arsenal of gifts that his saddle shoes will absolutely measure up those stunning high heels. Ladies and Gentlemen…please welcome…the incomparable Adam Kerby!

And boy-oh-boy….did Adam ever prove he was worth his salt at his first show. Kathy had the flu and couldn’t do the show; so in true “the-show-must-go-on” fashion the gents performed the show without her. That’s right…they performed ALL of the girl voices themselves. Talk about trial by fire. It was a riot! A little bit like Monty Python meets Candy Matson. On the second night of the run Kathy had regained her voice and was back in the saddle again. Whew! We had a ton of fun with our guests as we performed Murder Will Out!, an audience participation murder mystery game show. True to form, the audience WAS the most important part of the show. Contestants joined TRT on stage and sleuthfully solved the murder; to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd. We are always tickled pink any time we can involve the audience in the show and we endeavour to have more and more of that particular brand of fun in the future.

We have a great TRT team here on Gabriola.

Ken at Crowd of 100 is a super star! He has a dream: To share TRT with BC, with Canada, with the world! 5 minutes with Ken will tell you just how much he believes in us. We are so thankful to have his wind in our sails.

Our pal Pami can always be found greeting our guests on Gabriola and you would be hard pressed to find a more lovely way to start the evening. Pami is a gem and we are so grateful to her for her enthusiasm and commitment to the gang.

The Surf Lodge has become home to Twilight Radio Theatre’s season of Gabriola shows.  This historic building has been welcoming guests for as long as radio has been around and its warmth and charm makes it the perfect place stay, eat, drink and let yourself travel back in time with Twilight Radio Theatre. We are indebted to its wonderful staff; a group of great friends who make you feel like you are one of the family.

And let’s not forget about YOU, the audience; you are the most important part of the show!

We hope everyone has a fun-filled summer full of laughter and sunshine. Twilight Radio Theatre will return to the Surf in October to kick off our third season. We hope you will come join the fun and see what and (ahem) who we might have up our sleeve.

2016 was a keen year for the kids at T.R.T. Along with our successful season of sold-out home-shows, at the historical Surf Lodge here on Gabriola, we also built a website, made a promo video, got ourselves our own TRT jingle, finally bought the coveted ring generator to make that ol’ 1940’s phone ring right on stage and…David turned us into a cartoon!Twilight Radio Theatre Cartoon

Throughout the summer we worked up our road show and were delighted to perform it for the very first time in the posh Charlie White Theatre at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney, B.C.

charlie-white-theatre img_4775


In the fall we collaborated with Crimson Coast Dance Society and many generous and hard-working volunteers to put on a retro themed joint fundraiser, the likes of which Nanaimo had never seen! It was a wonderful evening full of radio theatre, swing dancing, and all sorts of 40’s themed fun. Check out these photos from our photo booth. Kudos to David Botten for creating this wonderful Packard convertible facade.



As the months flew by we purchased and built many new sound effects and props to make the show all-that-much-more fun. sfx-011 And as if we weren’t blessed enough, many of our friends gave us glorious vintage gifts: an actual vintage radio, incredibly classic and classy costume pieces, a whole set of Old Time Radio cassette tapes and a well-loved retro suitcase to haul all our FX from town to town. T.R.T. has the best friends! We are incredibly lucky…and very grateful for your generosity!


We capped off the year by playing 4 sold out shows at the 5-star Oak Bay Beach Hotel over the Christmas season, performing our last show on Christmas Eve! This hotel offe15665711_1094813410627133_1497119664619214255_nrs the ultimate in luxury and service, folks and the cast of TRT can attest to that and more. They created such a beautiful festive ambiance for their guests and treated us so well we never wanted to leave.

So…what are our New Year’s resolutions you ask?

Why…to cherish our friends, to keep the entertainment coming and to introduce the art of Old Time Radio Theatre to a whole new generation of listeners.

Thanks to all the radio theatre fans for giving us such a wonderful year. All the best for a healthy and joyful 2017!

Kath, Chris, David and Tina


That moment when the lights go down, a hush falls…and we are transported to a magical time when radio drama ruled the airwaves! Twilight Radio Theatre delivers the goods! Can’t wait for the next show! – Donna Deacon

Who would have thought radio could be so visually rich. Twilight Radio Theatre is a uniquely entertaining experience. The superb acting, along with wonderful costume and set detail, truly brings the historical time and characters of their story to life,
with much laughter and an occasional emotional sniffle as well. – Shannon Gresham

Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s Twilight Radio Theatre production. I could have closed my eyes more often and listened as though it was only the radio, but then I would have missed the action on the stage! It was great entertainment and we really enjoyed ourselves. – Lynne Young

What a professional fun gang!! To see them up close and personal! I laugh every time when I go to see this gang’s radio show. They are truly uplifting. Everyone needs…and I mean NEEDS to see them share their amazing gifts of Live Stage Arts!! – Sharma Ray Goldman

This amazing group of peeps are awesome entertainment and a super fun night out! We always have the BEST time when we go to the Twilight Radio Theatre shows. All four performers are talented individuals and when you put them all together it’s MAGIC! – Tammy Hudgeon