Thank you Radio Lovers for a swell Season 4!

Thank you radio lovers for a swell Season 4!

Once again this season brought about all sort of things that were shiny and new! Our first show of Season 4 had us playing “The Monkey’s Paw” at yet another historic Lodge (or rather, Inn); this time on beautiful Quadra Island. The grand folks at the Heriot Bay Inn welcomed TRT, as well as a gaggle of friends and family, for our Halloween Show; and the whole lot of us were overwhelmed by their incredible hospitality. This Inn is just so well run! The food and the service are absolutely top notch. This lovely group of people manage to provide a world-class experience while maintaining a warm relaxed “islandy” feel. The kids at T.R.T. highly recommend visiting the much-loved  Heriot Bay Inn I

We always seem to get great gifts at Christmas and this year we were blessed to have our dear friend Jocelyn Hallett grace our stage to help us with “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Jocelyn is one of those gals who is simply a born performer. Whatever talent she chooses to pull out of her trick bag, whether it be acting or her incredible musicianship, she always brings her “A” game to the table. She was an incredible fit for TRT and we enjoyed one of the most fondly-remembered shows of our run thus far. She will definitely be back!


Twilight Radio Theatre really started to build momentum in our 4th Season. Our TRT Fan Club quadrupled in numbers, as theatre goers began to realize that this was not just a gag, but that they could win Seasons Passes to our show just like Ray and Lesley.

Our mugs started to fly off the shelves and as more and more people discovered the wonderful world of Old Time Radio Live On Stage our shows began to sell out in record time. In many cases we had to add a third show at the last minute. A nice problem to have!

As our Valentine’s Show approached we found ourselves searching farther afield for hysterical material and got it in our heads to steal- , ahem, write our own. We had become quite enamored with some of the character voices we had played throughout the years and thought “wouldn’t it be great fun to throw all of them into a scene together?”  “The Twilight Dating Game” was VERY silly and a great-big hit with our fans! I dare-say no-one will ever forget David whistling Dixie through his nose. I mean really…how can a gal resist a man with that kind of talent?

February also saw our return to beautiful Quadra Island and our now beloved Heriot Bay Inn. We didn’t dare to dream that our second stay could possibly out-do our first, but those Quadra folks really can work some magic! The Inn was jammed to the rafters with actors and musicians. We had a great show, made many new friends, ran in to old friends and made music together ‘til the wee small hours of the morning. The smiles we sported on our tired faces Sunday morning lasted at least a week. All hail The Heriot Bay Inn!

With Spring approaching and new life bursting forth everywhere we looked, we thought it fitting to grow the seeds that we had sowed back in December by having Jocelyn join us for the last show of Season 4. As you might have guessed Jocelyn made sure our blooms were showy and fragrant and was a big hit in “Arsenic and Old Lace”. We sold out 2 and a-half weeks in advance and again had to add a third show at the last minute.

Next year we will move straight to a three-show format and will absolutely invite Jocelyn to play with us when-ever we can.

And so closes another fun-filled season of Twilight Radio Theatre. THANK YOU to all of our enthusiastic fans for giving us such a glorious 4th season. YOU really are the most important party of the show!

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