T.R.T. Spotlight on Straight Outta Gabriola Podcast

Our pal Ken dropped ’round one day while we were rehearsing for Arsenic & Old Lace (because that is what people did back in they day…they dropped ’round)

Pictureand what do you know…WE are the next segment of the podcast Straight Outta Gabriola.

Click here to have a listen.

Straight Outta Gabriola is the hottest new podcast series from this neck of the woods. Each episode Ken offers a little slice of life on a Gulf Island. Well, NO! Not just any Gulf Island. Ours. Gabriola! Ken is a wonderful guy who loves to laugh and chat and apparently also loves to run around the island recording all of Gabriola’s characters. Have a listen to his show. You’ll be charmed by island life and enamoured with one of Gabriola’s most loved characters: Ken, himself.


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