Well, well, well, this self-isolation has been pretty challenging for actors and musicians, who normally provide live shows! Fortunately “The Show Must Go On” has been built right in to our DNA, so Twilight Radio has found a way to do it…sort of.

Strictly speaking our show will not be “live”, but you will be able to access our “recorded live” show through our Online Shows page on our website on May 13, 14 & 15. Please feel free to share the link with family and friends, but know that you will only be able to access the video on these 3 dates.

Needless to say the cast cannot all be together to create the show; so instead we will be bringing you different segments recorded at 3 different houses, all edited into one cohesive video.

David Botten, our man of many voices, will portray all of the parts in a charming Kurt Vonnegut Jr. story, bringing to life a tale called Who Am I This Time. Kathy McIntyre & Chris Jans will perform Murder Castle from Lights Out and a short and silly episode from The Bickersons, complete with all of the live sound-effects, you have come to expect. And no TRT show would be quite complete without those crazy vintage commercials and a little music, music, music! Who better, than our own Musical Director, Adam Kerby, to provide a little levity and musicality as The Lone Twilight Tone.

You will have an opportunity to make a donation in lieu of your ticket to or by sending an email transfer to:

And even though you can’t be with us in person, YOU, as always, are the most important part of the show!

Stay happy and healthy and enjoy the show!

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