That moment when the lights go down, a hush falls…and we are transported to a magical time when radio drama ruled the airwaves! Twilight Radio Theatre delivers the goods! Can’t wait for the next show! – Donna Deacon

Who would have thought radio could be so visually rich. Twilight Radio Theatre is a uniquely entertaining experience. The superb acting, along with wonderful costume and set detail, truly brings the historical time and characters of their story to life,
with much laughter and an occasional emotional sniffle as well. – Shannon Gresham

Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s Twilight Radio Theatre production. I could have closed my eyes more often and listened as though it was only the radio, but then I would have missed the action on the stage! It was great entertainment and we really enjoyed ourselves. – Lynne Young

What a professional fun gang!! To see them up close and personal! I laugh every time when I go to see this gang’s radio show. They are truly uplifting. Everyone needs…and I mean NEEDS to see them share their amazing gifts of Live Stage Arts!! – Sharma Ray Goldman

This amazing group of peeps are awesome entertainment and a super fun night out! We always have the BEST time when we go to the Twilight Radio Theatre shows. All four performers are talented individuals and when you put them all together it’s MAGIC! – Tammy Hudgeon

What is Twilight Radio Theatre?

In a time before computers, cell phones and wifi…before the concept of television had even been born; the ringleader of the nation’s imagination was a little box, the centerpiece of every home – the wireless radio. And at the end of every day, just as twilight approached, families would settle in their chairs and listen in awe as fiction came to life on programs like Suspense, Escape and The Shadow. This was the Golden Age of Radio.

The mind’s eye was all that was needed, as the listeners were magically transported – absolutely anywhere – simply by using props and shoes to create the right background sound effects. This painting with sound – the reproduction of breaking glass, footsteps and creaking doors – came to be named the Art of Foley (named after its pioneer, Jack Foley.) It was this inventive artistry that inspired the audience members to be drawn in, to create their own unique experience and to become an integral part of the show.

Now…imagine that you are a fly on the wall, in a live radio sound stage of yesteryear, not only listening as the actors perform multiple voices but also bearing witness as the cast, dressed in period costume, simultaneously slam doors, crumple tissue and create footsteps, setting a grand stage for your imagination. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Twilight Radio Theatre!