Those of us who were born a little too late to experience the  good old days of OTR (Old Time Radio) first hand will still be familiar with the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ and Ralphie’s  ongoing quest for his much anticipated Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. During the Orphan Annie show the announcer would read the mystery code and if you were a member of her secret club and had her decoder ring you could decipher the secret message for the evening. What fun!

Well…Twilight Radio Theatre is ALL ABOUT fun! And just to take it one-step-of-fun further we have thrown in a prize as well! So…during all Twilight Radio Theatre LIVE shows our announcer will be reading the TRT mystery code and those audience members with a TRT Secret Decoder Wheel can decipher the message for a chance to win 2 Season Passes to see Twilight Radio Theatre at The Surf Lodge on Gabriola.

Now…how do you get this TRT Secret Decoder Wheel you ask? Become a member of the TRT Fan Club by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to TRT. It is that easy! Twilight Radio Theatre will then send you the entire membership kit: the TRT secret decoder wheel, cartoon fridge magnet and official membership certificate.

Watch our TRT Fan Club Video for the address and a free bonus code.

Remember…our first shows of the 2018/2019 season will be October 24th and 25th at the Surf Lodge. Be sure to send in for your TRT Fan Club membership today in order to have your TRT Secret Decoder Wheel in hand. Each show is a chance to win!

Recently our local museum and arts council, here on Gabriola, teamed together to create a display that honours the artists of Gabriola. And by this I mean ALL artists…singers, dancers, actors, writers, painters, sculptors – you name it! Gabriola is not called The Isle of the Arts for nothin’! There is an incredible concentration of creative people on this little rock.

As you may have surmised, the cast of TRT are some pretty artsy folks. We are actors, we are musicians and we are visual artists as well. And so…David and I (Kathy) went down to the museum to see this new display installation that focused on all of the fantastic artists of Gabriola Island. Truth be told I wanted to see the picture of me with fruit on my head that I knew would be in the slide show. (But that is a whole other story.)

Well imagine our wonderment and surprise as we turned the first corner and found this:

Our old-time-radio theatre troupe being celebrated among all of Gabriola’s most accomplished actors! I started to blush and my falsetto took over. “Look, David! Look!” Oh my goodness…my delight was palpable. I suddenly felt quite shy and humble – two words seldom associated with yours truly, let me tell ya.

Wow! Thank you to our beloved community for this stunning esteem. We are so grateful to be supported and nourished by such a talented group of neighbours and friends!